as slow as possible — collectif curatorial en résidence — 2023/2025

no firing

Caroline Schattling Villeval & Paul Paillet

« He sat on the sofa, wanted to talk, but the sofa was too comfortable. »

Based on their common experience of parenthood, Caroline Schattling Villeval and Paul Paillet explore exhaustion, model the irreconcilability of parent-child sleep cycles and put into space an eventual calm that never arrives.

The home is here reduced to the bedroom. The light is subdued and evokes a circumscribed space. The night light neutralizes everything. The mattress is miniaturized and symbolizes both a place of reproduction and of non-production. The space of the exhibition is thought in function of the potential interactions of a child who must have nothing within reach.

No firing is the refusal not to work.
A tribute to Lilie, to Bruce Springsteen, and to all those nights, lying down, without sleep.