as slow as possible — collectif curatorial en résidence — 2023/2025

Love Stories (double trouble)

To close five years of programming at Espace 3353, Julie Marmet and Vicente Lesser invite artists, colleagues and friends to celebrate the collective nature of the work within an independent art space.

Love Stories (double trouble) makes visible the bonds and relationships, whether of work or friendship, that enable an art space to be vibrant and plural, to collectively imagine new ways of producing and thinking about artistic and cultural projects. The exhibition highlights the multiple articulations and fluidity between the private and the professional in the sphere of contemporary art, and the sometimes complex relations and relationships that artists maintain with one another. Collaboration is seen as a strategy of resistance to ubiquitous individualization, and as a commitment to collective, sustainable practices over the long term.

Love Stories (double trouble) brings together the work of 20 artist duos, formed for the occasion or not: life partners, adelphs or members of chosen families, lifelong friends, research colleagues and companions in struggle.

With :
Anaïs Wenger & Basile Jeandin 
Angeles Rodriguez & Giona Bierens de Haan 
Barbezat – Villetard
Camille Dumond & Lou Masduraud 
Camille Kaiser & Jamal Nxedlana 
Dent de Lion (Flora Mottini & Camille Farrah Buhler) 
Giada Olivotto & Camilla Paolino 
Gina Proenza & Tristan Lavoyer 
Jeanne & Zoé Tullen 
Léa Katharina Meier & Max Léo Hauri 
Lucas & Paulo Wirz 
Maria Guta & Lauren Huret 
Martin Jakob & Colin Raynal 
Matheline Marmy & Jonathan Vidal 
Pauline Cordier & Charlotte Schaer 
Quintana E. (Jessy Razafimandimby & Niels Trannois) 
Raquel Fernández & Sergio Rojas Chaves 
rita elhajj & ghalas charara 
Sabrina Fernández Casas & Bérénice Pinon 
Stirnimann – Stojanovic