as slow as possible — collectif curatorial en résidence — 2023/2025

Redevenir poisson

Eva Zornio

The affective turn refers to the moment when scientific research reconsidered emotions in the understanding of social and cultural phenomenon. This recognition of the affects passes in particular by their objectivation and by the establishment of protocols of measurement, which allow scientists and researchers to take into account their role in the human and social activities.

Initially trained in neurosciences, Eva Zornio operated these last months a real turn of the making. This turn is illustrated by the incorporation of glass in her practice, through the context of a residency at the CERFAV–Centre Européen de Recherches et Formation aux Arts Verriers, where she experiments with the physical properties, the limits and the reflections, both aesthetic and metaphorical, of the material.

At 3353, Eva Zornio proposes a manifestation of this double turn, through the symbolic reconstitution of the glass building of the Biotech Campus in Geneva. In the exhibition space, we find ourselves facing a labyrinth that we cannot define, whether it is a laboratory for modeling affects, an abandonned open-space because it is unsuitable for any activity, a storage place for a gang of emotion dealers, or an aquarium where we would be the permanent residents.

Thus, carried away by the wave, we walk around, and we listen.

After a first degree in biology and a master’s in neuroscience, Eva Zornio (CH- 1987) turned to the field of arts. Circulating between institutions and independent structures, she performed among others at the Swiss Institute in Rome (2019). She exhibited at the Fondation d’Entreprise Ricard (2019), at Kunsthaus Langenthal (2019), at Forde (2018); in 2020 she participated in the exhibition of the Bourses de la Ville de Genève at the Centre d’Art Contemporain; she was nominated for the Swiss Art Awards 2021; in 2022 she exhibited at Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen and was selected for the 2023 publication of the Cahiers d’Artistes of Pro Helvetia.

Text by Clara Schulmann