as slow as possible — collectif curatorial en résidence — 2023/2025

Happily Aging & Dying

Noemi Pfister

Cavalcades of knights rise up from the smoke of cigarettes.
There is a smell of sand, of dunes’ dust.
The landscape is veiled, in the distance, one can hardly distinguish the presence of a city.

The characters painted by Noemi Pfister seem to live in a shared semi-reality, a synesthetic world in which plants have faces and colors have memories.
Although one is tempted to read her paintings as a perfect dystopia, a premonitory vision of the earth after a hundred years of necro-capitalism, Noemi Pfister rather suggests the apocalypse as a form of liberation, perhaps even leading to a resolution.

— Noemi Pfister is a graduate of HGK-Basel (2019) and HEAD-Geneva (2016). Happily Aging & Dying is the artist’s first solo exhibition in Geneva and consists exclusively of new paintings produced for the occasion. The exhibition is accompanied by a text by Geneva-based author Lucas Cantori, written in conversation with Noemi Pfister’s practice. —